Whether installing a new lawn or maintaining your existing one, at Turfs Are Us, our hydroseeding and fertilizer programs are the ideal way to achieve that thick, lush lawn you have always wanted.

It's never too early to think about lawn care!

Hydroseeding is an excellent way to install your new yard and a cost effective alternative to sod.  Combining the seed, mulch, and fertilizer, hydroseeded lawns, when properly cared for, are able to quickly grow into a thick, lush lawn.

At Turfs Are Us, we do hydroseeding projects of all sizes.  For a consultation and quote, please give us a call at (616) 696-4727

Our fertilizer programs at Turfs Are Us are designed to eliminate bothersome weeds and promote the healthy growth of lush, thick grass.

Whether installing a new lawn or maintaining an existing one, a fertilizer program will provide your lawn the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy balance.

With spring fast approaching, it's a perfect time to implement a fertilizer program.  Trust us, your grass will thank you!   

To learn more about our various fertilizer programs or to Schedule a Consultation, please give us a call at (616) 696-4727.

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